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Are you tired of drafting logos for your business that look like DIY projects gone wrong? Are you tired of using logo generators that dish out generic logos that simply don't capture the unique style of your business? 

Let us create a professional custom logo design that captures and communicates the essence of your brand vision and personality while you focus on other aspects of building your business.



  • Primary Logo

  • Submark

  • Alternative Logos

  • Black & White versions of Logo

  • Brand Personality Mapping

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Brand Palette + Mood Board​​​

    • Color Codes​

    • Textures 

    • Typography 

    • Photography inspirations

    • Patterns

  • Etc.

31_March_18 (4).png
Intoxicake Logo + Branding Suite (3).png


Brand design is where we bring your logo's visual personality to life by creating brand cohesiveness. This can look like creating a unified system of design elements (typography, textures, photography, and colours etc.) through your business memorabilia (business cards, pamphlets, stickers, flyers etc.), business values and traits.


For instance, if you are a food business, you may require food packaging that is uniquely marked by the typography, textures, photography, and colours etc., that align with your logo design in conjunction with specific business values and traits that makes your business unique.

Every successful business invests in cohesive brand design. Bring your business to life today! 

What's Included:

  • Paper Bags 

  • Mailer Boxes 

  • Bookmarks 

  • Mugs 

  • Stand Up Pouches 

  • Flat Pouches 

  • Self-Adhesive Package Tape 

  • Waterproof Tape 

  • Poly Mailers 

  • Tags

  • Invites 

  • Signs and Banners 

  • Brand Stationary

    • Business Cards ​

    • Letterheads 

    • Flyers/Pamphlets 

    • Brochures 

    • Email Templates 

    • Stickers & Labels 

    • Pens/Pencils

    • Notebooks

    • Postcards/Notecards/Envelops 

  • Convention Displays 

  • Water Bottles 

  • Display Boxes

  • Mouse Pads 

  • Tech Accessories 

  • Cups 

  • Key Chains 

  • Accessories 

  • Travel Essentials 

  • Shirts 

  • Tote Bags 

  • Gift Bags

  • Invitations

  • ...and so much more! Just ask. 

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